Saturday, September 8, 2012

Jewelry 1: Project 1: Pendant

My first Jewelry 1 Project was to create a talisman or amulet. My professor suggested choosing something that was meaningful as inspiration for our design. My grandmother passed away a couple weeks ago, and when I was younger she always used to tell me "Babushka" stories before I went to bed. These are my some of my favorite memories of her. Russian nesting dolls are sometimes referred to as babushka dolls, which is where the original concept came from. 
My original sketches.

I prefer the repetition of shapes in the design on the left, but the design on the right is more meaningful. With the heart placed on the left side of the chest, symbolizing her always being present with me, even though she has passed and the ribs representing her death.

My design adhered to 20 gauge nickel silver, and then pierced.

Beginning to saw.

My at home work station.

Continuing to saw and file as I go.

Finishing sawing out the shapes.

Finished the outline.

Beginning to sand.

Final piece.

Overall, I am pleased with how my piece turned out. There are a few areas that I wish could be smoother or sharper, (like around the ribs) but I found it hard to fit even the smallest files in my kit into those areas. I also wish I would have made the width of all the positive space equal (like the hair and the face vs. the body.)  The most difficult part for me was the filing. I try and make my art as perfect as possible, but with the tools I had I found that very difficult. I think this is a very successful first piece.

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