Sunday, November 10, 2013

J3: Project 4: Examples of Unconventional Rings

J3: Project 4: Experimental Ring: Research

Ancient Egyptian Jewelry:

-Wore jewelry to protect from the evil eye as well as ornamentation
-Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli and Feldspar symbolize good luck
-Amethyst represents happiness
-the Scarab Beetle represents morning sun, rejuvenation, fertility
-the Benben (a pointed stone) inspired the pyramid's shape
-Egyptians believed the route to the afterlife was via the sunbeams
-Benben symbolized the sun's rays
-"Udjat" (Eye of Ra) symbolizes protection

(Facts from USA Today)

A new study found that ancient Egyptian beads were made from meteorites!
read article here: Ancient Egyptian Jewelry Came from Outer Space

-Scarabs are meaningful due to the process of laying eggs in their dung and rolling it across the ground. They see this as life being formed from something that is dead.
-The sun god Ra is said to roll the sun across the sky throughout the day and is thus often portrayed as a scarab
-The number 7 symbolizes perfection
-The color gold represents the sun