Saturday, September 22, 2012

Jewelry 1: Project 2: Cuff Bracelet

My original design for my cuff bracelet.

 I had to trace the chameleon onto the metal and then hammer within that space so that the twig he is standing on wasn't the same texture.

Piercing the metal.


The tail was the most difficult to saw. Since my saw is only 5 inches deep, I couldn't reach the tail until I sawed out underneath the mouth to get closer to it.

Finished sawing.

Filing around the edges to make everything smooth.

From the side I actually want to be viewed as the outside.

Formed into a bracelet.

 From another angle.

After being colored.

Overall, I feel okay about this piece. I enjoy the color that he turned out to be, but I think I might end up putting him in the pickle pot to restore him to his natural finish. I think the texture stood out more before I torched him. The texture took quite a bit of time to do since I didn't have the necessary resources at home and I had to improvise. For my personal style, I think I would wear him more if he maintained his natural finish. I am unsure, so I will think about it for awhile and then make my final decision. I can always color him again, since chameleons do change colors. :)

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