Monday, September 2, 2013

J3: Project 1: Locket/Container Research

Victorian Mourning Jewelry
-faceted stones
-several components connected with jump rings

-dangle component

-silhouettes of several brooches

-combination of jet and braided hair

-Combination of hair/photograph
-simple design

-delicate border set with stones

-Hair mimics scrolls in the frame

-Simple frame set with pearls

-Victorian inspiration


-reliquary does not seem to relate to the relic

-relic becomes part of the reliquary

-mementos of saints housed in oval frames 

-reliquary mimics shape of relic

-ornate frame/simple locket

-specific place for relic to be held
-reliquary directly related to relic 
-ornate relic
-simplistic reliquary

Modernized Relic/Reliquary?

-Lady Locks Creations 
-animal parts 

Status/Socio-Economic Signifiers


-make a mold of nose
-fill with wax
-electroform if possible
-if not, fill with resin


Final Sketch

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