Monday, March 11, 2013

Jewelry 2: Project 2

When someone is anxious or depressed, they have an imbalance of a neurotransmitter called serotonin in the brain. I have been dealing with anxiety almost my whole life, but recently it has become a lot worse. I have tried several techniques to relieve my anxiety, but have never ventured into the realm of healing stones. I have always been curious about healing stones or crystals, wondering if they do give off any sort of comfort or relief.

I started by researching different types of stones that help with ones anxiety or stress disorders. What I found was that every type of stone can affect each person in a different way. With there being no guarantee that any of these will work for me, I decided to go with a stone that was most appealing to me and went well with my material of choice (copper). 

This is the molecular structure of serotonin, which lends itself perfectly for a collared necklace.

This is the template I created in Rhino. The healing stone will be held in the center hexagon, enclosed in a locket. With the healing stone in the center, I thought it appropriate to have one molecule of serotonin on each side as to say that the stone has corrected the imbalance. The stone would create a balance of serotonin which would result in an anxiety-free life.

This is the stone that I chose:

According to the website where I ordered my crystal, "The Hexagonal Sacred Geometry cut of this 2D Amethyst Star of David creates a distinct and powerful vibration, thus making this the perfect piece for any type of grid work. Many people who work with the Star of David also find it is comforting to have around during times of stress because of its special energies."

This is how the piece will lay around my neck. I think I may create addition hexagonal or pentagonal links to finish off the necklace since the design does not fully reach around my neck. I will close it off with a hexagonal shaped toggle and clasp. 

The center portion will obviously be closed off, encasing the crystal, but I cannot decide if I want to keep the other geometric shapes closed as seen below or pierce them out to be very delicate and linear.

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